Friday, June 1, 2012

Esha Gupta

'Jannat 2' actress gets her belly dancing act right after just hours of practice on the sets of her new film
Newcomer Esha Gupta, who was recently seen in Jannat 2, has been shooting for Prakash Jha’s drama in Panchmarhi and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. The actress had to juggle her dates between this project as well as another – Vikram Bhatt’s thriller.

Just before Bhatt’s film wrapped up recently, the makers decided to include a belly dancing song filmed on her.

As it was a last-minute decision, there was no way Esha could rehearse for the track for a few days before the filming. She could only give 10 hours followed by the shoot, so that the schedule of her other project did not get disrupted.

As she essays an actress in the film, the makers wanted a hot number picturised on her along with co-star Emraan Hashmi. With little time at her disposal, she rehearsed for the steps for 10 hours.

As the track did not have Emraan dancing with her but just be present in the song, she could manage to rehearse alone.

Says Esha, “As I have learnt a bit of belly dancing earlier, it was easier for me to pick up the steps in a limited time period. I rehearsed for the track non-stop before the shoot.

I was happy that I could pull it off in such a limited period.” At the end of the shoot, she felt that she was a thorough belly dancer who knew how to shimmy just perfectly.