Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hasin Roushan, Veet top model

Hasin Roushan

Hasin Roushan, the Veet-Channel-i top model for this year, will appear in her debut television drama titled ‘Amader Chhota Nadi’ at 5:05pm on the second day of Eid on Channel-i.

The play, written by Faruk Hossain, is directed by Taher Shipan. Besides Hasin, the play will be performed by Munira, Mithu, Nazneen Hasan Chumki, Romana and Sayeed, among others.

About her debut in television drama, the model Hasin Roushan comments being overwhelmed, ‘I had no experience of performance. I have got cooperation from everybody. I am grateful to them.’

She also pays honour to Nobel, country’s one of the eminent model.