Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shashi Naidoo In Bikini

 Shashi Naidoo

A girl who was once rejected by boys for the matric dance is now the Sexiest women in the world. This is the success story of Shashi Naidoo who was once known as the girl with monobrow and braces, now fans across the world who voted for her to be the Sexiest Women in the world.

In a recent survey conducted by FHM, readers voted Naidoo as the sexiest in the world, the same survey where she came fourth the last year. About her winning the 1st position she said, “I have been climbing up slowly like a choo choo train”. Naidoo got this news two weeks ago by a SMS when she was at the Manaco Grand Prix. She was so surprised and shocked with the news that she read same message four times before it sank in.